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कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (4th Cycle)
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Roles and Activities of Cell

Key Activities of Training and Placement Cell in Coming Year (2021)

Training and Placement Cell is a section within Student Support and Guidance, which specializes in helping students to develop their skills and get the job opportunities.
It is a matter of great pleasure for the University to take this opportunity to invite potential companies to experience and evaluate the competency, skills and talent of our students and absorb them into their esteemed organizations.

  1. Seminars & workshops:
  • On Opportunities & challenges in the coming year.
  • Workshops on personality development.
  • Technical session on advance topics.
  • Students are given topics related to syllabus to speak, which build up confidence among the students.
  • The CTPC Department encourages the students to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, debates etc. to exhibit their potential.
  • The Placement cell provides information regarding higher education in India and abroad, job opportunities and the requirement received from the industrial sector is generally circulated and displayed on notice board.
  • E-information is communicated to students by e-mail.
  1. Soft Skills
  • Training in the areas such as Communication skills, Email etiquette, telephone etiquette, listening skills transform the employees and inculcate an attitude that is required to represent the organization to the global business world.
  1. Personality Development
  • Lectures by the experts and renowned personalities of academics and corporate sectors.
  • The objective behind such lectures series is to give exposure and practical knowledge to the students.
  1. Internship Programs
  • All students take up internship assignment with different organizations.
  • This is a compulsory component of the curriculum for the completion of the programme and is designed to provide exposure to working of organizations, as well as a chance to apply the learning in solving real-world business problems.
  • Several organizations have made Preplacement offers to students through this route.
  1. Organizing Industrial visits for students
  • Industry visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries.
  • Industrial Visits help students to gain hands-on experience of how industry operations are executed.
  1. Career Counseling
  • Giving Motivational Talks.
  • To promote career counseling by organizing guest speakers viz. senior corporate personnel and most importantly by the immediately placed senior students.
  • Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives and Act as a bridge between students, alumni and employers.
  1. Mock Interviews
  • Mock Interviews help students to prepare well in terms of body language and professional etiquette. 
  • To boost confidence and reduce stress level at the time of final interviews, students are given guidance about how they should perform in an interview.
  1. Training & Placement and its objectives
  • To provide ample of opportunities for placement of students to achieve placements.
  • Tie-up arrangements with Industries & Corporate of repute for Campus recruitment.
  • To send data of eligible students to recruiters and invite them for recruitment.
  • To prepare students for campus recruitment arranging training in Aptitude tests, Group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews through professional trainers.
  • To organize campus recruitment for the students with industries and business houses of repute from all over India.
  1. Activities taken for placement improvement
  • Involvement of industrial experts in University/Institute/college activities such as seminars and workshops.
  • Pre-placement training of students by arranging training courses from Professional Institutes.
  • University gives more emphasis on long term relationship with the companies.

The career development process includes self-awareness, career exploration and job placement. In order to realize this process, the Training and Placement Office performs the following activities

  • Arranging In plant training/ Internship for prefinal year students
  • Practical Training is a very important component of the curriculum meant for the students and a valuable tool for Industry – Institute interaction. As a part of the curriculum, arrangements will be made for the students to undergo practical training for specific period (4-8 weeks for general students, six months for MCA students and B. Tech. Programme, 01 year for M. Tech. students) during winter and summer vacations in Multinational / National/ Private / Public Sector Undertakings/Government Departments, Research Laboratories/ Institutes  and Academic Institutes. The Internship is the milestone of the student’s academic career. Teamed with the information gathered in the classroom, this experience is a substantial way to prepare them for their future employment.

  • Industrial/ Professional Tour
  • In order to understand the working of Corporate Sector, the T & P Cell plans and executes visits of pre-final/ final year students to different Industries/ Organisations located in different regions of India to get right exposure and opportunity for training.

  • Guidance for Higher Studies in India or Abroad
  • Those considering careers in higher education or its related fields will be offered detailed career guidance at the Training and Placement Cell to facilitate their admissions in Prestigious Institutes to pursue higher studies in specialised areas (e.g. Indian Institutes of Management, IIT, Best Ranking Universities in the USA/ Canada/ Germany/ UK). The advice/ guidance will be based on up-to-date placement statistics and an envisioned view of future educational and industrial trends. T & P Cell will invite experts to offer career guidance and will organize workshops for providing training in this respect. University has constituted Advisory Committee, headed by Prof. V. L. Maheswari, Director, School of Life Sciences, to provide guidance to the students aspiring for higher studies in the USA under NMU-CCC, USA joint degree programme.

  • Campus Placement
  • Campus Recruitment Programme (CRP) will be promoted for the young students aspiring for appropriate placement in Government Departments, Private/Public Sector Undertakings, Industries and Research/ Academic Institutes. The detailed database of Organisations (Postal and electronic correspondence address of Head Office of Industry, product and business profile, branches/ factory locations, mobile and email of contact person, nature of job and likely remuneration package etc.) interested in recruitment will be generated through use of Yellow Pages, Association Members Directories (e.g. Maratha Chamber of Commerce, FCCI,), search engines for locating websites of Companies, Regional Industrial Directories etc. For placement, a large number of prospective employers will be contacted at the beginning of academic year; preferably during the month of April- July. The reputed/ prestigious national and multinational companies would be promoted to visit NMU for campus recruitment annually. In order to achieve excellent placement record, the T & P Cell will give great deal of emphasis on close and continuous interaction with executives of various industrial/ commercial organizations, both at the national and international levels, for strengthening the Industry – Institute interaction. The Training and Placement Cell ensures and takes care to provide the best arrangements and hospitality for the visiting companies' officials. It provides all audiovisual facilities for PowerPoint Presentations, written test, group discussion and interviews.

    Staff will be available to respond to students' questions and concerns of all kinds. This may include advice on placement procedures, assistance for preparation of applications and resumes, and practice for interviews. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search and the students must secure job offers before they complete their program of studies and leave their Alma Mater.

  • Overseas Placement 
  • Indian Industries have expanded their business in Asian, African and European Countries through acquisitions and tie-ups. This has opened up new avenues in the form of overseas placement. Efforts will be undertaken to promote Overseas Placement.

  • Remuneration Package
  • The remuneration offered is one of the important factors, which attracts young engineers/ graduates/ postgraduates, apart from the nature of the job. The package differs from company to company and industry. The salaries are showing an upward trend in coming year and are offered in the form of CTC (cost to the company), which includes besides basic salary, many allowances and incentives.

  • Organization of workshops/ seminars for training on Emotional Intelligence
  • The Central T & P Cell plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students of the university for their successful Career Placement, which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into avenues of suitable employment. Soft skills are a quite essential qualification for professionals aspiring to move up the value chain especially attitude, communication and presentation. The T & P cell conducts Technical, Aptitude and GK tests every week for enhancing analytical skills and general awareness of students. Group Discussions are organized to promote skills of interaction in group and leadership styles. The company executives/ employers will be invited to share their valued expertise on various topics, workplace situations with our students, current trends and future scenario. Eminent management personalities are invited to conduct workshops on Personality Development, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Time management, Memory Management etc. Participation of students in activities that provide them all round personal and professional growth will be promoted. Thus this Cell will coordinate various activities/ organize programs such as Career Goal Setting/ Planning/ Mapping, Mock Interviews/ Interviewing Techniques, Group Discussions, Case Studies, Job application preparation, Resume Writing and Referral, Professional Portfolio Development, Dressing Sense, Business Etiquette, Technology Management, Personal Effectiveness for Girl Students, Special training for Socially Backward and Tribal Students etc.

  • NMU Alumni Association
  • By sheer dint of hard work and dedication, the students of OUR UNIVERSITY have reached top positions in the industries and academia. The T & P Cell obtains information and seeks support from alumni in facilitating placement of present students. Alumni meets are organized every year to increase interactions between the past students and the present students and offer guidance to present students on regular basis. The T & P Cell offers lifetime and senior placement assistance to our alumni for maintaining strong bond of affection between University and its alumni.

  • Career Fair
  • The T & P Cell will host at least one Career Fair per year to encourage all students and alumni to be prepared to schedule interviews, share their resume and professional portfolio. This special event will allow our students and alumni to network with area businesses for current and future career opportunities, part-time and full-time job opportunities, and potential internship sites.

  • Effective Youth Entrepreneurship Education
  • This training prepares young people to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities. Promotion of self-employment is the need of the time. T & P Cell, thus, conducts programmes on Entrepreneurship Motivation, Project Identification and Planning, and Financing of Projects with faculty support from MITCON/ DIC, Govt. of Maharashtra/ EDPI, Govt. of India, Ahemadabad. The output of such programme in terms of number of students starting their own units could be encouraging.

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