Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (4th Cycle)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Events and Activities

  • Organizing Two Day National Level Conference on “Inter-religious Dialogue : A Discourse in Philosophy of Religion” 08-09 January is proposed to be held in 08-09 January 2016.
  • One day Personality Development workshop organized by Mahatma Gandhi Study &  Research Center, NMU, Jalgaon on 04-10-2015 at  NMU’s Pratap Centre of Philosophy, Amalner.
  • Pratap  Philosophy  Centre  Centenary  Year  Celebration  Committee  (PPCCYCC) meeting was held on 19th June 2015, to discuss the celebration of Centenary year in Pratap Centre of Philosophy Amalner.
  • The Tribal Chair to study the ethics of tribal has been awarded to the centre by Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) to celebrate the Centenary year of Pratap centre.
  • Inauguration of the newly renovated main building and library building of NMU, Pratap Centre on 1st April 2015 by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr. SudhirJi U. Meshram.
  • Volumes  of  the  renowed  quarterly  journals  of  NMU’s  Pratap  Centre.  The Philosophical Quarterly and Tattvadnyan Mandir were published for the year 2014 with the following ISSN numbers: The Philosophical Quarterly ISSN No. 2349 – Tattvadnyana Mandir ISSN No. 2349- 7696
  • A state level seminar was held in February 2012 (2, 3 and 4) on the relationship between philosophy and social sciences.
  • Organized a three day workshop on Indian Philosophy in 2007.
  • Organized  International Philosophy Day  (2004  and  2005)  sponsored  by  Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR).
  • Organized a three day national seminar for research scholars in Philosophy. The seminar was chiefly sponsored by the ICPR (2001).

    • Workshop and Personality development short courses conducted at our centre :08
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