Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
कवयित्री बहिणाबाई चौधरी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठ, जळगाव
Maharashtra, India
'A' Grade NAAC Re-Accredited (4th Cycle)
अंतरी पेटवू ज्ञानज्योत
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Research Project Progress Reports
Sr. No. Project Title Investigator
1. Clean synthesis and bioactivity evaluation of newer benzimidazole compounds (F.No. 41-302/2012, 13/07/12) Prof. P. P. Mahulikar View Project Report
2. A Study on Taste Masking of some Bitter Drugs (File No. 43-159/2014 (SR)) Prof. J. B. Naik View Project Report
3. Deposition and Electrical Characterization of Rare Earth Oxide Doped High-k Thin Films on Si Substrates for Nanoscale MOSFETs Prof. A. M. Mahajan View Project Report
4. Design Modelling and simulation of stirred ball mill and ultrasound assisted dispersion of nanopigments for utilization in formulations of coatings, printing ink, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (F. No. 40-11/2011(SR)) Mr. Tushar D. Deshpande View Project Report
 5  Application of geochemical and GIS techniques in impact assessment of municipal waste on soil and water quality of Jalgaon area (M.S.) (F.No. 41-1039/2012 (SR) 08-08-2012)  Prof. S. N. Patil  View Project Report
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